Fruition Coaching Board of Directors

We are only as good as our team. And our team is pretty badass, if we don't say so ourselves. Meet some of the Wonder Women behind the magic of Fruition Coaching. 

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Megan Abbott, Founder

We aren't exactly sure what she does...

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Sarah Glenn, Director of Career Coaching

Sarah oversees Fruition's Career Coaching programs, helping people clarify a fulfilling career path and a plan for how to make it happen. As a former recruiter she provides a valuable perspective and effective strategies that keep people in the driver's seat of landing the job of their dreams. 


Jennifer Wreyford, Director of Life Coaching

Jennifer leads Fruition's Life Coaching division, spearheading initiatives focused on creating change within the personal categories of people's lives. She brings a strong focus on creating lasting change from the inside out, helping people establish the internal shifts necessary to achieve the external results they desire.