How do I decide on the right career path for me?

The typical way people approach decisions is to start by thinking about all of their options, before weighing the pros and cons of those options, and then finding themselves overwhelmed and stuck in analysis paralysis. There is a better way! The key lies within the "Decision-Making Model," in which you start by getting clear on your outcome. What is on the other side of all of the possible options? What is it that you really want? Once you clearly define your outcome, you then evaluate your ideas and options based on that outcome, leaving you able to finally see clearly which option is best.

What if I don't know what I want?

To help you clarify what you really want, we first need to understand who you really are. To accomplish this, we will walk you through our revolutionary “Fulfillment Framework” process, to help efficiently uncover what’s beneath the hood, driving who you uniquely are (not who you think you should be). This guided exploration process clarifies your natural strengths, values, passions and purpose. When you understand these key components, it creates a “connect-the-dots” of sorts, where the picture (a.k.a. the right career path for you) becomes clear.

But then how do I actually make it happen?

It’s one thing to know your calling, and it’s another to actually live it. Our career coaching process also assists you in developing a transition plan, and holds you accountable to taking action and moving forward. Most importantly we help you overcome the most common traps that can stop you from living your calling, including: 

  • Fear:What will people think?” “What if I fail?” “What if I disappoint my parents?” “What if I make the wrong choice?”
  • Limiting Beliefs:It isn’t realistic.” “I’m not ______ enough.
  • Internal Conflicts:I want to do meaningful work, but I also want to make a ton of money.


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